Understand and reduce your carbon footprint

ecomove helps you to understand your personal mobility emissions. In addition, we enable you to reduce your CO2 footprint in a playful way and to offset all unavoidable emissions with just a few clicks.

We are building an ecosystem for decarbonisation

The ecomove app facilitates awareness of people’s mobility CO2 footprint and enables everyone to lead a net zero life


Full transparency. Whether you commute to work by train, visit your friends by bike or go by car, ecomove automatically tracks your mobility emissions.


Optimize your mobility emissions through our challenges and earn awards for your green lifestyle and have fun.
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Your unavoidable mobility emissions can be offset in our app. The ecomove partner network is subject to the highest standards in order to achieve climate neutrality together.

Own emissions? Transparent at last!

So many times I have tried carbon accounting and grew so tired of the manual input that was necessary for tracking. FINALLY this is an automated solution. Please keep it up!
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About ecomove

Full transparency: as simple as possible!

Your CO2 footprint is very individual and is related to your direct and indirect emissions. This makes the exact tracking so complex that your CO2 footprint is often only calculated as a lump sum. At ecomove, we rethink this process and start with one of your biggest emission drivers - mobility.

What difference does it make, whether you take the car or the S-Bahn to work? And what can you achieve for our climate, if you take the bike instead? ecomove automatically tracks which means of transport you use and directly shows you how much CO2 you cause. ecomove becomes your personal companion and wants to playfully encourage you to reduce your CO2 footprint. Simple and transparent.

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Together for climate and society.

ecomove provides access to more than 1300 projects ranging from natural to technological to high-tech projects such as Direct Air Capturing.

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ecomove is an app. It helps you understand and improve your personal carbon footprint resulting from mobility as well as offset unavoidable emissions.

ecomove automatically recognizes the means of transportation you’re using and calculates a personal mobility score based on this information.

100 is the best possible score. This means that your mobility caused emissions of less than 55 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

We help you optimize your carbon footprint through virtual rewards.
When you first install the app, you’ll create a profile for yourself. During this process, you can select which type of vehicle you normally use.

We distinguish between small, medium, and large vehicles, and between internal combustion, electric, or natural gas-powered vehicles. The app then uses the corresponding average values.

We’ve also included average CO2 values for other means of transportation such as buses and trains.
You have complete control over your data at all times and can delete it from your profile.

All of your data is securely saved on servers located in the European Union. Data security and privacy are our top priority.
Yes, you can deactivate the app at any time.
Reducing your emissions or avoiding them altogether is, of course, always better. This is exactly what ecomove wants to motivate you to do. But we also know that some emissions simply can’t be avoided. In this case, ecomove gives you the ability to pay a fee to offset these unavoidable carbon emissions. To achieve this, we’ve partnered with different projects working to combat climate change.
We also offer complete transparency in this case as well. We only offer projects that are certified to the Gold or VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) standard, which is the highest certification level.
No, this won’t affect your mobility score.

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